Create an event

To create an event, navigate to the create event page

You will see the following screen:


Below is an explanation for each field.

  • Event Name: Name your event. Name it well as this will be for your reference.
  • Commentator Name: Who is commentating? The name will appear at the top of the embedded stream.
  • Twitter Handle: What is the commentator's Twitter handle? Don't worry about the '@' or the full Twitter address. We'll handle all that and link to the correct account!
  • Website Address: This is the host website for the commentary stream widget (Where you will embed it). So if you are going to be creating a page for the widget at, then enter You can enter multiple domain in here. Just separate them by a comma.
  • Max Widget Height: This will set the total height of your stream widget. The contents inside it will independantly scroll and resize as content is added to maintain the dimentions. More information can be found in the online help.

You also say specify what extra widgets you would like enabled in your live event. Your can currently add scores and 'Key moments'.


Once you have filled out all the fields, press 'Create Event' and you will be redirected to a page where you can start adding commentary/embedding content.